Soca canyoning

New ways to explore the Soca River

There are all kinds of activities to be done in, on, and around the Soca River. Most of the offer can be found in Bovec, the main center of tourist activities by the river, but other towns along the riverbanks are just as attractive for tourists. What’s important is to find the agencies that will give you a wider scope of possibilities – Soca is not just for rafting and kayaking!

Among the other opportunities to explore the River Soca, canyoning is prominently gaining in popularity. More and more tourism providers have this kind of adventure on their offer, and tourists seem to like it. Even though Soca canyoning is not done on the river itself, but on many of the tributaries, it offers a great way to explore the nature and enjoy everything the natural surroundings have to offer. Soca canyoning is popular enough to offer varied tours, most of the options can be found in Bovec.

Bovec is the perfect place for other activities as well. While canyoning doesn’t really follow the Soca River, you can easily find an alternative, for example hydrospeed. Bovec offers a wide choice of tours down the river with hydrospeeds, which makes for a unique kind of fun. For hydrospeed, Bovec is definitely the best choice – it has the best parts of the river and can offer the most varied courses downstream, and also the tourism offer is very well developed. With experienced guides for hydrospeed, Bovec is a safe and enjoyable choice even among the less courageous adventurers. There are many programs to choose from, including very peaceful tours along the wider and calmer parts of the river. Of course, hydrospeed can also be done on more interesting parts of the river, if you’re looking for some thrill.