Canyoning Soca River

New experiences await in Bovec

The paradise exists on earth, if you’re adventurer seeking thrilling activities in pristine natural surroundings. There is a place that will meet your taste perfectly. Bovec is a town on the riverbanks of the Soca River, that offers all kinds of entertaining activities. Not only the popular ones, but also unique experiences that you can’t get anywhere else.

One of them is definitely canyoning. Soca River carved a narrow valley, that is additionally crisscrossed with streams and springs, making their own canyons and gorges. The conditions are great for canyoning, Soca River also offers unique surroundings and a lot of natural beauty. It’s the combination that makes this area perfectly suited for this activity. Additionally, the towns nearby are great in providing professional guides and tours for every taste. For canyoning, Soca River is too wide, it’s better to choose one of the tributaries with a more attractive canyon. Experienced guides will know all the hidden gems with breath-taking beauty and challenging obstacles, perfect for canyoning.

Another interesting activity on offer is hydrospeed, Bovec is a great place for that as well. Hydrospeed is done on the river and can be customized to fit the expectations of various kinds of adventurists. For hydrospeed, Bovec offers various guided tours and experiences that can impress even the most hardened adventurists. Not only because of the unique feeling of floating down the river in a hydrospeed, but also because of the surroundings that will leave you speechless. It’s not just a fun activity, it can be a journey that will become a highlight of the whole vacation. Of course, there are important safety procedures for hydrospeed, Bovec has multiple experienced professional providers that are determined to provide a safe, entertaining, and unforgettable tour for everyone.