Mesec: januar 2019

Bovec rafting

Alternatives to crowded tourist activities in Bovec

Bovec is by no means crowded compared to proper tourist destinations of the world. Even compared to other popular destinations in Slovenia, Bovec is lagging behind Ljubljana, Bled, Postojna, and other places. But nonetheless, it can feel a bit crowded in the summer months, when the Soca Valley becomes the destination for many Slovenian and European visitors. Be smart and beat the crowds, pick the activities that you can enjoy without crowding with other tourists!

Among the most popular activities in Bovec, rafting takes the cake. But the good news is, rafting is not necessarily crowded – there’s a wide variety of organized tours and other options that can make this experience entirely enjoyable. In Bovec, rafting is offered by several trustworthy agencies, one of the options is also to rent a mini raft and go on a solo expedition. Still, with Bovec rafting being one of the most popular activities, as well as kayaking and hydrospeed going on, the river can get a bit crowded even for the solo adventurists.

In this case, it’s worth discovering other activities on offer in Bovec, canyoning being one of the most attractive ones. In Bovec, canyoning is a very good choice for those wanting to avoid crowds. It’s not organized on the Soca River, which is too wide and open for this, even in the relatively narrow part around Bovec. Canyoning requires proper canyons, which means other waterways, which means less crowds. You will not find many tourists in the streams and canyons of the Soca River’s tributaries. That’s where canyoning is done, primarily because of the great options, natural obstacles, attractive canyons and other features, not merely because of the crowds on the Soca River. If you want to avoid the crowds in Bovec, canyoning might be just for you!